Thursday, June 28, 2007

Almost on the road

This is my first post of my new blog of my new life. I'll try to post things daily (pending the availablitiy of WiFi) as we head to Tuscaloosa and after. Let's see if I have the discipline to do this.

We are staying at Circus Circus as our stuff was loaded on a truck Wednesday. We leave Friday afternoon, and I quit my job today. One of the last stumbling blocks on our road to Tuscaloosa -- moisture inside a wall in the Alabama house -- has been fixed, apparently, leaving a big hole in the wall. But that may get fixed, too.


Geoff W said...

Good Luck from one with not nearly enough discipline

Rotary Club of Avalon Park - Orlando, FL said...

I know what Geoff means. I've done several blogs over time, and the first few months have been much easier than the later ones!

I'm looking forward to a sequel to "The Character Actress in an Engenue Role," or at least a funny family story or two!

Travel safe! And write if you get work!


Jamie said...

Ooo the month got away from me. Be sure to let me know your physical address--I have something for the girls


Joyce said...

Richard and all, I loved reading your blog and look forward to more. Your wit and humor are greatly appreciated. Best of everything to you and Jennifer and the girls. We all will miss you.