Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another challenge

I just signed up to a challenge to clear bookshelves, committing to making 40 percent of your reading from books gathering dust on the shelves, either clothbound or review copies. This challenge coincides with my effort to read 20 books I own before I take out another library book, so I can give them away or otherwise store them. This means I'm putting off reading "Home" and "Knights of the Cornerstone" in favor of a bunch of books I bought on the remainder table, including "The Secret of Lost Things," and paperbacks like "Road Trip of the Living Dead," which I stopped reading in the middle because it was too gory for me. (I'l finish it.) Meanwhile, I'm reading for a library sciences class as well, but as I own that book, too, it counts, sort of. So far, I've read five books in this category and am ready to give them away.

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