Monday, September 28, 2009

What about Heroes: Saving Charlie?

The Millions posted this list of the top 20 novels of the millennium:

20. Gilead: Read it when it came out. What a wonderful testimony of faith.
19. American Genius: A Comedy. I haven't heard of this one; I have to check it out.
18. Stranger Things Happen. I liked this collection by Kelly Link a lot more than Magic for Beginners.
17. Fortress of Solitude. I need to read something by Lethem, after I finish reading 20 books I own already. Maybe I'll wait for Chronic City.
16. Middlesex. This is on audiobook at the library, but its length is daunting.
15. Varieties of Disturbance. I haven't heard of this one either.
14. Atonement. Too popular.
13. Mortals. Another miss.
12. Twilight of the Superheroes. I had wanted to read this one, but I think it wasn't in the library. I'll need to Illead it.
11. Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I'm kind of afraid of the ending. But I don't really know the ending.
10. Never Let Me Go. This one was devastating.
9. Hateship, Friendship, etc. Alice Munro has never been on my to-read list. Maybe.
8. Out Stealing Horses. Another one I read a lot about but have never read.
7. Austerlitz. This is a great one, too; I read it quickly, because it has no chapters.
6. The Road. I've seen all the Road pictures, but I can't remember this one. When does Dorothy Lamour come in?
5. Pastoralia. I'm a fan of George Saunders, although I liked his previous collection, Civil War in Bad Decline, more.
4. 2666. About the year I'd finish it if I started now.
3. Cloud Atlas. Another blank. Will check out.
2. The Known World. This is great. I just finished it.
1. The Corrections. I've followed Franzen's career since The Twenty-Seventh City, and I am a big fan of his novels. I even liked Strong Motion. So take that, Daniel Mendelsohn.

So, let's see -- seven out of 20. Not bad. I'll be publishing my best of the millennium at the end of the year, first as an Amazon list. I may make two -- one for the best books I read this decade, and one for the best books I read that were published this decade, too.

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