Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday--What I'm Reading

Tagging: I finished this over the weekend so I could use it to frame a literature review for a potential study of folksonomies and tagging. It's basically a textbook for people who want to add tagging to their systems for easier and cheap navigation -- cheaper than a taxonomy. I still don't see how this kind of social tagging is better than automated indexing by the Web search engines, which seem to do a pretty good job at it, plus Google's algorithm. The book was a lot easier to finish because the pages don't contain a whole lot of text and the back of the book is mostly made up of appendices and material on system development, which I'm not all that interested in. The literature review is due Oct. 7, so I hope to catch up on other reading for the class and do some leisure reading next week before I have to develop the methods and data analysis section.

Secret of Lost Things: Moving very slowly, mainly because I'm distracted by this other project, which is quite apart from work. I hope to finish it this weekend.

Tortilla Flat: I'm still listening to this, although there are no real characters. I love Monterey so much that I appreciate any literary effort to paint its history. Still, I liked "Cannery Row" a lot more; it had stronger central character.

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