Thursday, October 15, 2009

To-read list for 2010

I'm trying to finish out my goal of reading 20 books I own before I pick up a library book as per this challenge. So far I've read these books that I actually own:

Magistrum (Matthew Hughes)
Spiral Labyrinth (Matthew Hughes)
Lives of Saints
Road Trip of the Living Dead
Secret of Lost Things
The Calligrapher's Daughter
Heroes: Saving Charlie
House at Riverton

I'm debating whether to give away Magistrum and Spiral Labyrinth (they were gifts); I'm also waiting for the third book, Hespira, to come out from Night Shade (there seems to have been at least one and maybe two delays). I'm currently reading Updike's The Afterlife, after which I may try to finish Gods Behaving Badly, another book I've picked up and put down a few times. That would put me at 10. To the list, I want to add Chicken Dreaming Corn by Roy Hoffman, because it's autographed and my wife gave it to me. I expect my reading to slow down, however, starting this weekend, when I get back to work on my library science class (two projects are still due, one Nov. 4 and one Dec. 2). But after Dec. 2, I'll have a month of leisure reading, when I hope to finish Europe Central. I think I also want to read The Time Traveler's Wife before New Year's 2010. In the spring, I may be teaching, taking a class and working, so my leisure reading may be curtailed (plus the possibility of taking two classes in the summer to finish my
MLIS degree). So if I finish Gods, Time Traveler and Europe, that will bring me up to 13 (not including the Research Methods book I'm required to read). So I will have to read seven more after that to fulfill my goal and then go back to the library. In addition, I may sneak in Michael Chabon's collection of essays on fatherhood. Whenever I do finish this, there are several titles I want to read in 2010 from the library:

Spud: The Madness Continues
Fortress of Solitude
La Medusa
Twilight of the Superheroes
Knights of the Cornerstone
Wolf Hall (presuming Tuscaloosa Public Library acquires it)
Angel's Game

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