Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top 60 Novels of 2000-2009 Countdown: No. 44

The Mommy Track Mysteries

Ayelet Waldman is yet another writer I became interested in because she went to Wesleyan (along with Carolyn Parkhurst, Jennifer Finney Boylan, Daniel Handler and Suzanne Berne). I usually don't read mysteries regularly (unless they involve lost manuscripts), but I made an exception with this series because I liked the author's voice (first person), her insights into parenting (one novel features a military-themed birthday party; another has her lying to a flight attendant about her pregnancy); and comments about her husband, a horror-movie writer. Reading about the main character's balancing day care, school, illness, a libertarian partner and the legal system usually is more interesting than the the mystery itself. I also liked listening to her novel Love and Other Impossible Pursuits on CD (it might have been abridged). And I want to go to Roscoe's someday. 

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