Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 60 Novels of 2000-2009 Countdown: Recap list

Here's a recap of the Top 60 Novels of 2000-2009 Countdown, before No. 1 is revealed:
2.   "The Corrections": Jonathan Franzen

3.   "Eva Moves the Furniture": Margot Livesey

4.   "The Historian": Elizabeth Kostova

5.   Assassin’s Song: M.G. Vassanji’s 

6.   Soon I Will Be Invincible: Austin Grossman

7.   Love Me: Garrison Keillor

8.   Lemony Snicket Series: Daniel Handler

9.   Zeroville: Steve Erickson

10. The High Flyer/The Heartbreaker: Susan Howatch 

11. Gilead: Marilynne Robinson

12. Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay: Michael Chabon

13. Thud: Terr Pratchett

14. Declare: Tim Powers

15. Paul: Walter Wangerin

16.  Shadow of the Wind: Carlos Ruis Zafron 

17. Lost and Found: Carolyn Parkhurst

18. Prisoners of War: Steve Yarbrough

19. Kafka on the Shore: Haruki Murakami 

20. Into Hot Air/Shroud of the Thwacker: Chris Elliott

21. Quicksilver: Neal Stephenson

22. Little Children: Tom Perrotta

23. Martin Bauman, or the Sure Thing (David Leavitt) /Joe College (Tom Perrotta)

24. Carter Beats the Devil: Glen David GOld

25. Then We Came to the End: Jonathan Ferris

26. From the Notebooks of Doctor Brain: Minister Faust

27.  Celeste Ascending: Kaylie Jones

28. Brooklyn Follies: Paul Auster

30. The Egyptologist: Arthur Phillips

31. Body of Jonah Boyd: David Leavitt

32. Company: Max Barry

33. Going Postal: Terry Pratchett

34. Never Let Me Go: Kazuo Ishiguro

35. The Thief Lord: Cornelia Funke

36. The Calligrapher’s Daughter: Eugenia Kim

37. @Expectations: Kit Reed

38. Looking for Alaska/Paper Towns: John Green

39. Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way: Bruce Campbell

40. Heir to the Glimmering World: Cynthia Ozick

41. Spud (John van de Ruit) /My Life, the Musical (Maryrose Wood)'
42. The Keep: Jennifer Egan

43. When We Were Orphans: Kazuo Ishiguro

44. Mommy Track mysteries

45. Austerlitz: W.G. Sebald

46. Book of Illusions: Paul Auster

47. Boy Detective Fails: Joe Meno

48. Niagara Falls All Over Again: Elizabeth McCracken

49. Kissing in Manhattan: David Schickler

50. The Mysteries: Lisa Tuttle

51. Ghost at the Table: Suzanne Berne

52. Chinatown Death-Cloud Peril: Paul Mamout

53. Thirteenth Tale: Diane Setterfield

54. Three Days to Never: Tim Powers

55. Prague: Arthur Phillips

56. King of King’s County: Whitney Terrell

57. Lives of the Circus Animals: Christopher Bram

58. Speak Now: Kaylie Jones

59. Mary, Called Magdaline: Margaret George

60. Center of Things/No Ordinary Matter: Jenny McPhee 


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