Monday, December 14, 2009

Yes! Finally a challenge for the full-sized reader

I was wondering if anyone had a door-stopper book challenge, and now I've found this one. I'm signing on for the super-sized Mor-book-ly Obese book challenge -- six books at 450 pages or more or three books at 750 pages or more. I plan to get this one done only with books from my shelf, which means it will dovetail with the 20 books from your shelf reading challenge.

So let's see -- I've signed up for the read 20 books from your shelf challenge, the Winter Book challenge, the South Asian challenge and the 20-10 challenge. Furthermore, I will try to fulfill all the challenges from books I currently own, except for the two or three categories in the 20-10 challenge that require you to buy or receive books and maybe the South Asian challenge (although I think I can get four books set in South Asia and written by South Asians from my shelf).

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