Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: How I Paid for College by Mark Acito

Marc Acito's raunchy coming-of-age novel has a very strong plot, a sure-footed first-person narrative voice and loads of humor. A New Jersey teen's quest to pay for acting school at Juilliard against his father's wishes encompasses all sorts of quirky New York metro-area characters, arising out of the narrator, Edward's, loyal circle of friends. Even when the novel gets a little sappy, at the end, and the author pulls a deus ex machina, it's still enjoyable. I listened to this book (the narration is excellent), in preparation for reading the sequel, "Attack of the Theater People," which I bought some time ago and I'll read as part of the Clear-Your-Shelves challenge. Question is: Does College count as a book that' s not in a series? Probably not -- but some of the books I'm reading now do.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a cute book. Thanks for Marc Acito's link. I love the site!