Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Monday -- What I am Reading 2/14

For the Monday What Are You Reading blog.

It's Valentine's Day, but I'm waiting for the Feb. 15 discounts to buy gifts and such.

I finally finished reading Swamplandia by Karen Russell. Here's the review.

What I'm reading now: I've been listening to The Quality of Life Report by Megan Daum, but it's hard to listen to in the car, because the main character keeps making these ghastly choices, and since it's first-person, she knows full well in "hindsight" how things went bad. Anyway, I was having trouble keeping the license current on my MP3 player (it's downloaded from NetLibrary), but I think I'll get back to it this week.

Meanwhile, I'm reading-reading The Metropolis Case by Matthew Gallaway, which takes place in 2001, 1960, 1976 and sometime in the 19th century, and it all involves Tristram and Isolde in some way, and I'm beginning to enjoy it, although a couple of the characters seem undernourished, as we're constrained by the narrative format from lingering too long or getting too focused on many characters, particularly the opera singer who nearly gets hit by a bus (supernatural, or all in her head?).

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