Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book review: Making Money

Pratchett, Terry. Making Money: A Novel of Discworld. New York, NY: Harper, 2007.

Not as rich as "Thud" or "Going Postal," but Terry Pratchett brings neo-liberal ideas about money to his beloved Ankh-Morpork in another romp involving Moist von Lipwig, golems and the omniscient Lord Vettinari. Von Lipwig, bored by his success with the postal service, gets roped into revamping the bank, which a scandalous clan of Lavishes have battle over for years. Nobby Nobs, Sgt. Angua, Capt. Carrot, the reporter from The Truth and several other familiar characters who show up in addition to Mr. Blunt, a rigid clerk who has a deep secret. It's a lot of fun rummaging around in this world, and don't underestimate the power of a gold suit (and a top hat with a lot of gold glitter on it). 

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