Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review: "After the Golden Age"

Vaughn, Carrie. After the Golden Age. New York: Tor, 2011.

This title involves a forensic accountant whose parents happen to be superheroes -- the father remarkably strong, the mother capable of producing extreme heat. The plot is involving, but the main character -- unlike say Doctor Impossible from "Soon I Will Be Invisible," seems closer to a ChickLit heroine than an existential warrior. She does, however, through her efforts to convict her parents' mortal enemy of tax evasion, acquire some depth when she finds her true crime-fighting path and the secrets behind her parents' identity (as well as those of their superhero pals). Vaughn throws in a few good plot twists, particularly in regards to a police detective she begins to date (the mayor's son). It's short, fast and plucky, but not as deep as some other novels in the genre.

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