Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday for Sept. 6: Sequels I'm dying to read

Top 10 sequels I'm dying to read (including one I read last week), for the Top 10 weekly blog meme:

1. "The Magician King" -- the sequel (perhaps No. 2 in a trilogy) to Lev Grossman's "The Magicians," about Millennial magicians in the land of Fillory -- whoops! I already read it. It's extremely exciting and moving. Also, it's the kind of fantasy I like: you learn where they get their money and go to the bathroom.

2. "Pollen" by Jeff Noon -- This Neuromancer meets William S. Burroughs sequel is to "Vurt," about drugs that transport people to an alternate or meta-reality, and how Vurt is taking over reality. The book has been on my shelf for years.

3. "Framley Parsonage" by Anthony Trollope -- Again, on my shelf for years. I vowed that before I die I'll read all the Chronicles of Barsetshire; this is the sequel of sorts to "Barchester Towers" and "Doctor Thorne."

4. "A Wind in the Door": Book Two in the Time Quartet, a sequel to "A Wrinkle in Time," which I loved when I was a kid. I didn't know until I was an adult that "Wrinkle" had three sequels; I know it's a kids' book, and I should read L'Engle's adult books. But what the heck?

5. "Lay of the Land": Richard Ford's sequels to "The Sportswriter" and "Independence Day." One of the books I need to catch up on from a few years ago.

6. "A Buyer's Market": Book two in Anthony Powell's "Dance to the Music of Time" sequence; this one is the sequel to "A Question of Upbringing."

7. "The Manticore": Robertson Davies' sequel to the brilliant "Fifth Business." I have to re-read "Fifth Business," however, since it's been 25 years since I read it.

8. "Snuff": A sequel, of sorts to Terry Pratchett's "Thud," in that it involves Commander Sam Vimes, reluctant duke and all around great copper. The book comes out in September.

9. "The Eye in the Door": Book Two in the World War I trilogy by Pat Barker, and the sequel to "Regeneration." The novels involve the effects of the war on British officers, particularly those who must deal with "shell shock," now known as PTSD. Barker began several stories in "Regeneration," including historical figures like poet Wilfred Owen, and I want to find out what happens next -- the definition of the desire for a sequel.

10. "Home" by Marilynne Robinson: Not strictly a sequel, but rather the story of "Gilead," a Pulitzer winner that actually deserved the Pulitzer. It's on my TBR stack.


Kate said...

Great list! Firstly...there were *three* sequels to A Wrinkle in Time? I suspect I've only read one.

Also I will have to get the Pratchett asap.

I didn't know that there was a sequel of sorts to Gilead. I may give it a pass as I didn't love Gilead, but it's nice to see that you enjoyed it!

Ree said...

Nice list! I just bought The Magicians...didn't know there's already a sequel coming for it. How exciting! Thanks a ton, and I hope you'll pop over to my blog to see my list. :)

Ree @ LiteraryObsession.com

Sue Jackson said...

Oh, you're never too old for the A Wrinkle in Time series! It was my absolute favorite when I was a kid - I read all 4 books multiple times. Two years ago, my son had to read AWIT for school and loved it so much he wanted to read more - good thing I still had the whole series! I was thrilled he was interested.