Thursday, November 12, 2009

Top 60 Novels of 2000-2009 Countdown: No. 49

Kissing in Manhattan by David Schickler

Schickler has a retro audacity that revives old-fashioned romance and dares to treat women and men in a post-feminist way. A ballet dancer is told that she cannot dance any longer because it is her destiney to be possessed by a man; a family arranges the marriage of their Princeton undergrad daughter to a teacher several years her senior, because it makes sense; a woman gives her new husband a bath and keeps the habit up for years. This set of related short stories with a suspenseful ending is a lot of fun, in a Mark Helprin kind of way, allowing you to imagine life with the PC removed (it's not reality, but a fun, povocative simulacrum). If only things were so simple.

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