Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ID Win

I don't remember why, but last night I re-watched the Old Negro Space Program satire. The short spoofs PBS-style documentaries on African-American history, here postulating that there was a "Negro" space program in the 1960s that used buses and old cars. Anyway, I thought I recognized the actor playing one of the former astronauts -- Wallace "Suitcase" Jefferson. He reminded me of a 1970s comedian who appeared on "Laugh-In" and a number of other shows; he was one of those recognizable supporting-player types. I thought his name was Johnnie Whitaker or Johnny Walker -- neither, of course, were corrects. But after some searching in IMDB, I realized that he was Johnny Brown, who did in fact appear on "Laugh-In" and many other shows. He apparently was on "Good Times," too. You're supposed to be less able to recognize faces as you get older, so maybe I'm not old enough.

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